Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blue Cheese crusted filet

OMG...My Husband made the most delicious steak ever! Can you tell we love steak or what??? It is a filet topped with blue cheese and bacon...I know what could be better. Well, we buy our filets at costco because they are great quality and very cheap. You can get a four pack for 20 bucks and they are huge! So this most amazing steak is actually pretty easy to make...

Mix together equal parts of:
Panko Bread Crumbs
Crumbled Blue Cheese
and Bacon bits

In a cast Iron Skillet sear the steak filets with a bit of salt and pepper on high heat, 2 minutes on each side, or less depending on preference.

Remove from heat place blue cheese mixture on top of each filet
Broil in the same pan on high until browned (WATCH CAREFULLY)

We served this with boxed au gratin potatoes and asparagus

I swear this is better than any fancy steak house, and I know steak! Oh, and a whole lot cheaper... This meal cost about 30 dollars for 4 adults!

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