Friday, February 26, 2010

Saving money on meat

I used to stock up on meat at Costco... these were the days when I thought Costco was such a great deal....UNTIL, I began using coupons. Now, I am just like a junky looking for her next, "deal fix"! The only thing I still buy at Costco is; goat cheese and frozen shrimp.

I am a member of a community co-op in my area. Each month I put in an order and pick it up. It is about 23 dollars and it comes with 4 meats (ex. pound hamburger, 4 chicken breasts, 4 pork chops and 1 lb short ribs), 1 lb. rice, loaf of local bread and local produce (lettuce, 4 peppers, mushrooms, 6 apples, 6 oranges). It is a great deal and it is a good way to get involved with your community. Here is the link for the Community co-op in Utah. community co-op They ask you to volunteer a hour in your community each month in order to be a member.

The co-op helps, but it is not enough for the month...obviously. I am always looking for great deals on meat. When I do find it at a low price I stock up. For example, I was at Win-co the other day and they had chicken breasts for 1.48 a lb. I bought 2 big packages with 9 breasts in each package, then split them into zip locks with 3 breasts in each before freezing. This will be just enough for one meal, so I can pull it out and defrost only what I need.

I am getting pretty good at getting things at great prices by following The Krazy Coupon Lady's blog. But, I wish there was a better way to save money on meat.

Do you have any ideas? How do you save money when stocking up on meat? Leave a comment, I am sure everyone else would love to hear your secret.

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