Thursday, July 15, 2010

What do you eat when you eat alone?

I was listening to NPR yesterday and their was an author talking about his new book on the subject of what you eat when you are alone.
I think this is a fascinating subject. There are things I would never eat in front of other people. Even my husband. But when he is gone for dinner... this is how it turns out.

There were plenty more chicken nuggets. This is what was left when I remembered to take a picture :).

What do you eat when you eat alone? I would love to hear about your "alone" meals.


  1. Cereal...cold cereal. And I like the sugar coated kinds the granola for me.

  2. totally unrelated but I have the same dishes lol.

    When I eat alone, I actually probably eat healthier. Hubby is pretty picky.

  3. I usually plan for eating leftovers, but if I don't have leftovers I usually eat things my husband doesn't really like.

  4. Salad, Indian food ... stuff my son has no interest in whatsoever. And a treat I don't want th share!!!

  5. Leftovers... I eat whatever my kids left LOL

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  6. Following you from Follow Me Friday :0)

    I definitely eat random combinations of food..sometimes it's a tomato and some flavored rice..other times it's a bowl of cereal and a cookie :0) I love alone time meals just as much as I love eating with others.

  7. Sad to say, but I eat junk food and sweets when alone -- anything easy to fix. =( Need to do better ....

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  8. From NFF.

    If I'm alone for the night, I almost always eat fish because my husband doesn't.

    When he's deployed, I use my slow cooker every three or so days and eat from that till its done.

  9. Hi! Newest Friday Follower! Nice to 'meet' you! :)

    I eat frozen veggies and steam them with butter... a boring healthy alone meal!

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  10. i eat fruits and cereal..not bcoz it's healthy, but i am lazy :)

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  11. Hmmm...about the same thing!! I also usually slug down a soda.

  12. Blog hopping over.... totally random, but I eat macaroni with cream of tomato soup when I am alone (which is rare!). My mom used to make it growing up and I am the only one in my family who likes it! Plus eating non-whole wheat pasta is a treat for me.

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  14. Hummus or bean dip is my alone meal! I love it and totally love to eat it for dinner!

  15. I for SURE eat cereal when i am alone!!! YUM YUM!!

  16. When I eat alone I eat everything that the bf hates (or loves and then I dont have the share LOL), usually something cheesy :)



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