Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is cool

Did you know that you can boil scrambled eggs in a ziplock bag for 10 minutes and come out with a perfectly cooked omelet? I didn't, so I decided I had to put it to the test. Can you imagine how easy this would be for camping???

This is how I did it. I scrambled a couple eggs, added some diced red peppers, some turkey lunch meat, grated cheese and grated zuchinni. I poured the mixture into a bag. Next I brought the water to a boil, placed the bag in the boiling water (reluctantly). Waited 10 minutes, checked to see if it was cooked... (it wasn't all the way done) Put it back in for 2 more minutes and viola... a perfect and delicious omelet. I am going to try this out on our camping trip this weekend :).

Do you have any awesome tips, that I might be missing out on?

This is a recipe swap.
The rules are simple:
1. Link up with an awesome recipe.
2. Link back to me in some way, so we can get more entries.
3. Enjoy.


  1. We do ziploc omelets in my house all the time! Perfect for picky eaters and when you have 6 of them to make at a time! Here's the link to my post:
    Thanks for hosting the recipe swap!

  2. Honestly - how weird! I never would have thought of that.

  3. I've actually done this camping, it is so nice because there is practically no clean up! However if making it for a lot of people the water does become murky and needs changed (like 20+).

  4. That is a very interesting idea - and it would be great if you were camping! Thanks for hosting :)

  5. While this is a cool idea I wanted to warn you that it could possibly be toxic. See this link to read more about the dangers of cooking in a ziploc baggie.

  6. What a great idea! We will definitely be trying this!

  7. I am a new blogger and am following you; hope you will follow me back.

    Nice blog!

  8. That IS cool. What a great way to do several at once.

  9. I don't do it a ziploc. I just whisk in a bowl and put them in the microwave. They taste good too! Visiting for the first time and loving all the great recipes you have here!


  10. Very cool! I posted a link to this recipe on my blog:
    Jennifer @ The Craft Barn



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