Monday, January 31, 2011

I got a new purse!!

I always check out the deals at No More Rack. The deals go really quick, but if you get one, it is a great deal. I have been stalking their site for a new purse. The shipping is always just 2 dollars no matter the item and their prices are ridiculous. I got this purse today for 16.00, shipped! (It was originally 80.00) When you sign up they give you a credit. In order to claim your credit you will need to copy the promo code you see on the “Redeem Card” line when you sign up, then enter it in the “Redeem Your Gift Card” field in your new account.  So, I was able to put my 10 dollar credit towards this bag. Not a bad deal! Go check it out... new deals are available M-F at 10:00 am mountain time.

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