Monday, March 29, 2010

Co-op food and Carne Asada Tortas

I have talked about the community co-op before. I just wanted to show a picture or what it looks like. I paid 24.00 dollars for all of this and it is all locally grown produce and meat. I think it is a great deal and a wonderful way to get involved with your community. For more info read my post about the one in Utah.

We made Carne Asada Tortas again last night because they were amazing last time. 


  1. very jealous of your co-op! We don't have any good co-ops near us! The one we do have is really expensive for just the two of us but hopefully when we get our two little ones home it will work better since we will be a family of four!

  2. Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for posting the recipe (I need to try your way too it looks great :) I really like this co-ops idea I just signed up for the bountiful baskets but this sounds just as great or even better!!
    Kati (Kt's Cooking)



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